real wood thick edge banding in rolls in 1 - 3 mm thickness 

1 mm edge banding 2 mm edge banding 3 mm edge banding rolls

Furwa veneer edges

Most experienced manufacturer of thickveneer continous edge banding in rolls.

Furwa produces custom and standard edge banding in real wood veneer and reconstituted veneer. Thick veneer edges, profile wrapping veneer, softforming veneer, prefinished, preglued in master-rolls in Walkertshofen, Germany.

From the base of the simple veneer edge, the technically demanding real veneer edge for door rebates in real wood has already been invented very early, which is produced highly-flexible lacquered and color-matched by Furwa.

These are also produced with boiling-water resistant fleece backings, which are used in the area of windows and for moulded parts in the field of car interior, such as steering wheels.

thick edge veneer banding in rolls for:

real wood edge banding for office furniture - store fixtures - kitchen cabinets - architectectural woodworking

1 mm 1.5 mm 2 mm 3 mm thick veneer edge banding in rolls

1 -3 mm thick edge banding in many wood species

prefinished automatic veneer edge banding

Prefinished edge banding clear prefinished or custom stained

cross grain edge banding in rolls

Cross grain edge banding in many real wood species

wrapping veneer edge banding

Wrapping Veneer in rolls in many real wood species

furwa edge banding in 1 mm 2 mm 3 mm thick rolls

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